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"Jerry Kleinhaus has an uncanny ability to develop an immediate rapport with people. After one meeting with him, I felt as if I had known him for years. I felt completely comfortable with him and knew that I could trust him".

Our Approach

Experience Counts

coaching experience countsAll coaches agree that the single most important success factor in coaching is a strong trusting relationship between the coach and client. And the surest way to establish that trust is through common experience and background. The award winning book, The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching states, “Ideally, the coach has had direct personal experience that relates to the coachee’s current concerns and needs.” We could not agree more.

Oakley Advisors coaches have had successful careers in some of America’s largest companies. We understand the politics, demands, and challenges executives face everyday because we faced them ourselves. Our personal experiences as executives enhance our coaching skills and allow us to relate to our clients in ways that many other coaches cannot.

A Process Approach to Coaching

Traditionally, executive coaches have used a “situational” approach. The client presents a challenge or a situation and the coach works through it with them. The problem with this approach is that the coaching engagement has no definition. Coaching sessions can go on indefinitely. The client will have an improved perspective, but only for that given situation. The client’s over all behaviors are not usually changed and their performance is not permanently improved.

Oakley Advisors uses a process approach to executive coaching. Process driven coaching focuses on making permanent changes in client behavior and doing so in a specific period of time. Process driven executive coaching ensures that time is taken to cover every critical element in the coaching experience. A process approach operates within a specific time frame and with specific goals, thereby controlling the indeterminate aspects of situational coaching.

Oakley Advisors coaches have worked with top executives at some of the world’s best companies including:

Accenture Carr Tool Company
Convergys Dell Financial Services
Dow Corning Genetech
Hickman, Williams & Company IBM
J.M. Smucker Company L’Oreal
Landor Associates NCR
PHPR, Inc. Pier 1
Procter & Gamble Texas Christian University
The Tyson Corporation  


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